About Malta: The Basics

Geographic size: Just 121 square miles, 316 km². Main island Malta stretches roughly 17 miles or 27 km across and the total shoreline of Malta, Gozo and Comino tallies up to a little over 168 miles or 271 km

Population size: Over 443,127 (as at 7th November 2021)

Population Density:  1380 per Km2 (3,574 people per mi2).

Official languages: Maltese and English

Currency: The Euro, since 1 January 2008. Previously: the Maltese Lira

Electricity: 230 Volts, 50Hz. Plug type G (3-pin plugs, UK)

Weather: Average temperatures: 23º C (daytime, annual). Lowest average temperature: 12º C (January daily average). Highest average temperature: 27º C (August daily average). Average hours of sunshine per day (annually): 8.4. (4)

Capital City: Valletta

Religion: Roman Catholic (over 90% of the population). Number of churches: 365 (!)